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In the previous article, you learned what Affiliate Marketing is. Today, we will be going over the things required to make it happen. We will include everything that is required in the end-to-end process.

No wonder that you can earn up to $100k every year with Affiliate Marketing, on condition that you follow all steps as required. Therefore, this requires a little bit of extra attention to some things.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

If you have understood how the Affiliate Marketing works through our previous guide, you would definitely love to give it a try for sure.

This is an Affiliate Marketing For Beginners guide, so, no matter what you have been doing in the past or where you have been, it will be extremely beneficial for you to learn how to start affiliate marketing from scratch?.

1. Choose your Niche

First things first. Decide which topic is going to be your niche for your affiliate marketing business. You can decide your niche for your affiliate marketing on the basis of profit.

If your niche is profitable, you are good to go.

You could choose the following AF niches in the current year. But can you make money with Affiliate Marketing through blogging? Yes, of course, you can! If you don’t find yourself interested in any of the following niches, you can make a blog about “Make Money Online” and refer web solution to your trusted customers like “Hosting”, “Domains”, etc then you can Start in Affiliate Marketing.

  1. Beauty
  2. Health
  3. Hobbies
  4. Fitness
  5. Pets
  6. Loans
  7. Fashion
  8. Gadgets
  9. Investment

Make Money With Blogging

2. Choose Medium

Having chosen the niche, the next step is to decide how you will be promoting the merchant’s product or services.

Since Affiliate Marketing (AF) requires the sharing of a link. You will need to figure out which method you will be using to share the link of the product or service to your clients who have trust in you.

Though there are many ways used by people, the topmost used today by bloggers are:

  • Website or Blog:
  • YouTube Channel
  • Social Media

If you are not sure about how to create a Blog online, we recommend that you read the ultimate guide to build a WordPress blog easily.

3. Sign up as an Affiliate

Once you have built your website/blog or another medium like YouTube through which you will be promoting merchant’s product as an Affiliate, it is time to sign up for an Affiliate program.

Based on the country, county or territory, you can find different Affiliates, depending on the niche you have chosen.

Once you are done with signing up, choose a product that will reward you with the highest profit. Also, profit is not only there, but you also have to decide that the product is being searched by the people.

After that, add referral link to your website or YouTube video to share them in groups on social media sites like Facebook.

Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

How to sign up for an Affiliate Program?

Let’s say you want to sign up as an Affiliate on Amazon.

  • To do that, Google “Amazon Associates” and it will return the affiliate program page for your region (locale) or country
  • Then, click on “Login” on the top right-side corner
  • Once you are logged in, you will be required to provide some personal information which will also include your bank account number and other details for the commission you earn
  • Use all instructions during the sign-up procedure
  • Once done, it is time to select the most profitable product by running a search for it or use the recommended products
  • Having selected a product, you will see an option for the referral link
  • You can either use a long link or you can shorten it for an impressive look
  • Once you’ve copied that affiliate link, you can add it in the “Call-to-actions” on either your websites or other mediums that we discussed in step 2

Now, you have successfully added the affiliate link on your website or YT channel. Let’s see what needs to be done next.

There are many Affiliate programs run by different companies, therefore, the procedure of signing up is likely to differ, but, the idea is going to be the same.

4. Bring Traffic to your Site

Can you imagine that you do all the hard work to become an Affiliate and no one comes to your site to buy it?

Why would they even do that?

Yes, bringing traffic to your site is highly essential because, without that, no one will actually know what you are recommending.

To provide great value to your visitors, you can start contests on your website, consider giveaways, or offer a free consultation to your new users in order to make them come to your affiliate site again and again.

We know that driving traffic to your affiliate site is not an easy task, it takes a lot of practice, but if you utilize proper techniques of SEO, it won’t break you or your affiliate site (yes negative SEO also impacts the website rankings).

SEO takes time for your affiliate website to rank on Google or other search engines, and if you don’t have time for that, you can create a PPC ad to start appearing on Google for a particular keyword.

This will help you bring more traffic to your website and you will be able to turn your visitors into customers or sales which will increase your sales instantaneously, without any doubt.

5. Work Hard

This is an important part where most of the Affiliates fail because they don’t do it naturally. Remember, if you try to upsell your visitors, they won’t buy that (if even if they buy for the first time) because they aren’t even interested in that.

Making passing income is not a child’s play, especially for newbies. Therefore, let it be natural and most importantly, be real. Don’t try to trick your visitors or they won’t ever come to your website again in their life. Recommend only those products that are actually good – don’t just encourage your customers to buy something just for the sake of earn money from Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

Do you any other way than what is mentioned above to make money with Affiliate Marking? Did this article help you to set up an affiliate website from scratch? However your experience has been, we’d like to hear it in the comments.

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