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How To Be a Freelancer-Make Money as Beginner [Earn Money as a Freelancer]

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Become a ‘Freelancer’!

We will guide you here how to be a freelancer and make money online as a beginner freelancer.

I know that has been said to you a lot of times by your friends, colleagues or maybe family.

Problem is not that you did not listen to them, but it is that you did not at least give it a try.

Among other questions, the main two ones that come to mind are:

Is it possible?

Can I do freelancing to make a living without relying on other jobs?

Not only is it possible but also you can make more than $3000 per month, provided that you do it the right way. Yes, while you do freelancing with an intention make money out of it, you must, no matter what, be sure that you are doing it right in accordance with the recommendations shared by the experts who have been earning money from it.

If you have been sick of your ‘desk job’, it is time to make money from Freelancing and in this thorough article, we are going to discuss the same so that you can easily find out how it can be done. I know you would have met people who said to you that ‘Earning money as a Freelancer’ is not possible.

You don’t have to pay heed to such people because it is true. If they couldn’t earn money (not doing the right way), it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to. That’s why we want you to focus on the following step-by-step guide that has been designed for both beginners and experts.

How to Make Money from Freelancing?

Among other ways to make money online, freelancing is one of the ways that work today without any problem, however, it may take some time to master the skill of getting your orders online.

Decide what you are good at:

At first, you have to know what it is that you do the best. It could be anything: writing, graphic designing, video editing, programming (coding), troubleshooting, event managing, etc.

You can turn your skills as a freelancing opportunity and get the most out of it by providing your excellent services to the people around the world in exchange for cash.

You could join freelancing to earn money in Digital Marketing, Animation, Business, Lifestyle, and you can join the Gaming field on websites like Fiverr now.

how to be a freelancer

Build a first-class portfolio site:

In order to showcase your services, you will need a website where you can tell the world about the services you are good at. This needs to be done in an effective way. Putting differently, yournex website or blog should be designed beautifully – it should be elegant.

Make sure all the information you have given on your portfolio site is up to date and not misleading the users. Provide a great way to your clients to reach out to you – for example, the site should have a ‘Contact us’ page for a good call-to-action representation.

Sign up for a freelancing website

Once you have decided one of your skills for your profession, the next thing you want to do is sign up on a freelancing website. To get started, you can consider the following websites for creating a profile:

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer
  4. Indeed
  5. Guru

You can use their ‘wizard’ to help yourself while building your profile the right way. Just like your work, your profile should also give the clients a message that you are good at what you do and will deliver the project to them effectively and on time.

Develop a clearer picture:

Once you have set up your profile on the website with an intention to make money from freelancing, assure that your profile is what you want it to be – it is showing exactly those services that you want to showcase on your profile.

The rule of thumb is that you should not speak about something as your skill that is actually not something you are good at. Don’t confuse your clients with the pricing and the delivery time.

Post a gig:

It is time to add a job on the freelancing so as to start earning money as a freelancer. This requires a little bit more knowledge because this varies depending on different websites. This is the step where you can post your job and start receiving the offers.

This is where you have to set yourself apart from others.

But how?

Well, you will be asked different things to provide in this step. For instance, you will have to type the “heading” which will represent what you will offer to your clients.

So, make it count.

Next is the package. There are normally three packages available to you no matter the freelancing website.

They are likely to be:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

Of course, the ‘Premium’ package is going to be more expensive than ‘Standard’ and ‘Basic’ plans.

Delivery time is also an important aspect to avoid any trouble in the future. Be clear about the time that it will take you to complete the project. It could be 1 to 5 days or even more. The delivery time also increases with the package of your gig.

Coming up next is the ‘Description’ of your gig. This one is where you have to give a detailed overview of what you are offering to your clients. This should be written as simply as possible. Don’t use confusing words in the descriptions because if you, the client won’t hesitate to jump to another page, skipping yours.

If you want the customer to bank upon what you are offering, you can also create a “FAQs” section which, mostly, appears at the end of your gig. This “FAQs” section will answer questions that your clients may have regarding the services or the gig you post.

Things You Need to Earn Money as a Freelancer?

What are the things that are required to make money online from freelancing? Well, there is not much of that you need, but there are some certain things that are required and we have laid out them below:


You will need a computer. Our recommendation is that you should use a “Laptop”. If you don’t have one, you will need to buy one. In the beginning, you can purchase a low-budget laptop.


You are also required to have working Internet with good speed so that you can easily look anything up without facing networking issues no matter where you are. Sign up for a network that is available in all those places where you usually travel.


Of course, you need some great knowledge of what you are doing. Even if you are beginner, you can master the skill because this is something anyone can learn in a short span of time. Once you are there, you will start attracting the clients to your gigs.


It takes time to build a reputation on the freelancing websites. You have to start with the plans that are priced at the lowest level possible. That’s one of the ways that allow you to get your clients’ attention.


What is the time you will be freelancing? Have you asked this question to yourself? If not, it is time to do that. You will have to be active on the freelancing website online as much as possible, especially when you are just starting out.

These are the things that I believe are required to earn money as a Freelancer. Are there other things that you think need to be listed on this article? If affirmative, share them with me and I’d love to add them in this page to add the extra value to this blog post.

This is the blueprint explaining the ins and outs of “How to Make Money from Freelancing” and there you have it! If you have an idea that you would like to feature on this page, please enlighten and I’d highly appreciate your efforts.

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