Make Money From Blogging for Beginners

How to Make Money From Blogging for Beginners? Guide To Start

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Undoubtedly, making money through Blogging is one of the best ways to earn income online. When many bloggers around the globe are earning from $100 to $25,000 per month, why can’t you?

Is it your dream to become a rich person? Have you been recently struggling with your willingness towards being financially strong because you have tried different ways to earn money online you fell through eventually?

Even I struggled with that when I was completely new to all of this unless I realized that that I can easily make a living with the help of the Blogging by being a badass Writer.

This is a blueprint on “How to Make Money With a Blog” – a Beginner’s Guide which will keep you at ease while learning the basics, how it works, and things that you need in order to get started with it.

Let’s start with the basics How to Make Money From Blogging and What it is?

What is Blogging?

According to the definition, Blogging is writing about a specific topic after doing good research. If we take a look at the word “Blog”, it comes from two different words “Web” and “Log”. If we combine both of the words, the word Blog evolves.

You can take the following for granted:

Blog = Weblog

Therefore, what Blogging is that it is a field in which a Blogger (considerably an expert) writes about a specific niche, and keep the blog updated with the new content so that the users can get the up-to-the-minute content.

Let’s not dive into the deep because we assume you already know what the Blogging is.

How Much do bloggers get paid?

It depends on the Ad program that you make use of in order to make money out of it. If you use AdSense, your income report might depict different statistics as compared to that of which you see when you use other programs like Affiliate Marketing. You will get your head around this question later after you have read the whole article.

Make Money from Blogging (Different Working Ways)

There are several ways you can begin with to get paid for every effort you make through your Blog. However, this will require a good-looking, well-managed, and an SEO-optimized blog.

If you haven’t done the SEO on your blog, it is okay in the beginning, however, you are going to be in need of that as your blog grows old – i.e., traffic is an important factor in bringing the quality to your blog. No traffic means, no sales or earnings. You can Also Earn Through Youtube Daily $ 500.

Make Money from Blogging

Let’s start with the first one How to make money with a blog:

1. Make Money with Ads

Making money with Ads is what most of the Bloggers use nowadays. In this, what happens is that Ads are shown on the Blog and these Ads are the targeted Ads. There is a huge role of the cookies in this. Meaning, the Ads that are shown on the Blog are relevant to the user viewing the blog.

Let’s take an example.

Suppose you are using AdSense on your blog, the Ads that your users see on your site will be based on relevancy.

The user will also see ads based on their previous purchases or a product that caught their eye.

You can use the following Ad networks to earn from Blogging:

  • AdSense
  • net
  • Infolinks
  • Skimlinks
  • Viglink
  • Propeller Ads
  • PopAds
  • Adsterra
  • RevContent
  • Amazon Display Ads
  • Adversal

Before you put the Ads of various aforesaid Ad networks, you will have to approve your website for that. Upon registration, they will provide you with “Ad Units” that will be placed on each page of your blog.

The approval takes 1 to 30 days depending on the Ad network, the overall traffic your website is getting on the daily or monthly basis, domain authority, and most important niche.

You get paid for the impression on Ads and the overall clicks people do on them. The more clicks and impression the ads get, the more revenue will be there.

However, you cannot ask your friend to click on your Ads because that is against the policies of almost every Ad network. It doesn’t work that way. If you try to encourage someone to click on your click, odds are you are going to be sued for that.

2. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Earning money with AdSense may not work for everyone. That’s where the Affiliate Marketing comes in. The “AM” aka Affiliate Marketing is second to none in terms of earning a passive income online without doing anything (once you ranked your blog post).

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In Affiliate Marketing (AM), an Affiliate promotes a product or service for a Network and upon the final sale, the Network rewards the affiliate for the hard work. If you join Affiliate Marking, you will work as an Affiliate or Publisher and your job, should you be interested in it, will be to encourage the customers to buy the product or service of the network.

make money with affiliate marketing

Every product that anyone buys through your referral link, you will earn a commission. The commission varies depending on the type of the product, you can check out the complete chart of the commission rates given to publishers when they encourage the customers to buy products through the link they referred.

Looking for an all-inclusive article?

Affiliate Marketing – A Beginner’s Guide

What I mean to say is that you have to put your special efforts into the making of the blog and ranking it on the top of the page, then the dollars will start rolling in themselves.

Though there are other things like wrapping up your Affiliate links with the content in a way that feels natural and you won’t have to lose out on your incomes.

The rule of thumb is that you should begin with those products that have high-ticket rates. You can easily look up the high-ticket Affiliate programs available on the Internet. This will help earn even more and skyrocket your revenue scale in next to no time. Most of the bloggers consider doing it in the first place.

How to Join the Affiliate Program?

Based on your territory, you can join different Affiliate programs by going to the Affiliate Program page available on the footer of the website. If you can’t find a suitable link there, you can use the “Contact Us” page and directly interact with the owner of the website of the company.

  • Having done that, you will need to sign up for the program.
  • Next, you will have to provide with your website URL for approval (as most of the networks require approval)
  • Upon successful approval, you will be given a dashboard that you can access to handle the products, sales, payment and a lot more
  • Get the product that you think you will easily attract the customers to
  • Add your referral link on the purchase button
  • Let your customers buy that product through your link
  • Earn commission on the successful purchase made by the clients

Remember, if the buyer who purchases a product, and later, he doesn’t find it satisfactory and then returns it, the commission that you had received for that product will be taken back from you.

What are the Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners?

Whether you are a pro or just starting out, the best Affiliate Marketing programs are available for your convenience right below. All of these programs work by the same token, therefore, there is no need to worry about anything since you will be facing the same type of program no matter which program you join.

Here’s the list we recommend you to use:

  • Shareasale
  • Amazon Associates
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Rakuten Linkshare
  • Genesis (if you are into Blogging)
  • Target
  • Bluehost (if your site is about Hosting)
  • Others

Affiliate Marketing is one of those lucrative ways to earn money online that can make given guaranteed passive income while you are sleeping. Next day, when you wake up, you will notice that the income graph has reached the highest peak.

3. Sell Products Online

Some people have the tendency to things in a different and real way. That’s what “Selling Products Online” is made for. Yes, you can sell your “Digital” and “Physical” products online and get paid for the same. All of this can be done very quickly.

You can create different Products and sell them online on different E-Commerce websites that are taking the Internet by storm. Not only will this help you to put your products on sale, but also provide you with assistance over branding your product and easily Make Money From Blogging a Good and Fast One.

Sell Digital Products:

A Blogger can create and sell:

  • E-books
  • Photos
  • E-courses
  • Audio & Video
  • Apps

If you are not into the selling of digital products, maybe, putting physical products on sale will work for you.

Sell Physical Products:

The physical products that a Blogger can sell could be one of the following or anything beyond this list:

  • Books
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Households
  • Groceries
  • Dairy Products
  • Handmade Products
  • In-person Conferences, Special Events, or Classes

Making an e-Commerce website these days is a child’s play these days because WordPress makes it super easy. It gets even easier if you build a website using paid plugins like WooCommerce.

4. Make Money with Sponsored Posts

Everyone, like you, loves to be in a good run, don’t you? What if you already rung a successful website and receiving thousands of traffic every day?

Well, that’s a sign of making more money as you will be able to sponsor the content of companies. Other businesses will love to have you sponsor their content on your Blog and they will pay you for that. It works like a charm and there is no risk of losing your money that you get once you have sponsored someone.

If you are a badass writer and you easily capture people’s attention with just a few words, chances are that big brands will like to work with you with an intention to promote their brand and let the world see it. This will be because you are good at influencing people for doing something or encouraging something to do.

If you are good at what you do, you are likely to receive sponsorship for the following:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Styling & Staging
  • Social Media Posts
  • Emails
  • Others

There might be other sponsors out there that may have a different niche. If you have published a post related to that niche, they might ask you to publish a sponsored post on their behalf.

Where do Bloggers find Sponsorship Posts Opportunities?

There are networks where Bloggers can join and see if these networks meet their expectations. We’re listing some of the best networks that will give you a chance for the sponsorship program:

How are Bloggers paid for the Sponsored Content?

It depends on the nature of Sponsorship. If you are directly engaging with the sponsor, you will receive the payment directly after the work is finished. On the other hand, if you have joined a Sponsorship program through a network, you will have to contact the network for the payment after you have published with the sponsored content.

5. Sell Services using WordPress

Things get complicated and that’s where help is needed. It isn’t just you or me who has gone through this, but everyone in the world needs help with something, whether it is Consulting, Teaching, Freelancing, Doctoring, Cooking, Coaching, or something else.

make money online with fiverr

You can earn Money through Blogging by selling your services on your Blog – i.e., through WordPress. To do this, you don’t have to build a huge website like an e-commerce one – all you need is a Blog and you can use a call-to-action tab like “Hire Me” and let the clients come to you.

Here’s how you can do this:

  • Sell Freelance Services: If you specialized in what you do and you easily capture the voice of every organization you work with, you are highly likely to generate more clicks to your profile or gigs and engage with the clients which, in return, can drive you more sales ultimately. There are dozens of tools you can use to get started and the good news is that you don’t have to spend a penny to earn money online through by selling services on Freelancing websites.
  • Consulting Business: Is freelancing not your cup of coffee? Another way to earn money through Blogging is that you should start your own business of Consulting. We are already surrounded by an era in which people are making money by consulting those who need some advice to get going. Even when you look for a job, there are consulting services to get you a better job opportunity. However, they will charge you for this service. And, how can you expect them not to?
  • Become an Organizer, Cook, or Decorator: Earn money becoming an Organizer is in trend nowadays. Yes, it is possible, especially for those who are good at organizing things, for example, an event. If that’s not what you love, perhaps, you love Cooking or Decorating and that’s where you have to move. Restaurants nowadays prefer hiring a great Cook so that their business can be taken to the next level in next to no time.
  • Speaking Gigs: If you have intensive knowledge of English or any other language, in terms of pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and others, it is a great opportunity to sell your Speaking services to those who need them. You can create speaking gigs on freelancing websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, UpWork, etc.

How do Bloggers Make Money through Blogging?

Technologies change every once in a while, therefore, rule of thumb is that you should see which way is the best working way in the current year i.e. 2019.

So, if you are looking for ways to earn money and really ant the idea about how do bloggers make money, you will need to start a Blog which you can do for free. I know that there are some websites telling you to buy Hosting, Domain, etc., to get started for Blogging, but if you are a newbie my suggestion is that you should start writing on some free websites like Medium, Quora,,, etc.

This will give you the ins and outs of the Blogging and you will learn about using the tools in the right way after that you can get paid to blog via various Online firm. When you get the feeling that you are doing everything in a way you are supposed to, perhaps, it is time when you move to a self-hosted Blogging platform like, Weebly, Joomla, Drupal, Discourse, etc.

On the contrary, if you are serious about making money through blogging, and don’t want to let your special efforts go in vain, I would recommend that you get a self-hosted platform because, through that, you will be able to make money through Blogging fast and effectively.

How much can I earn through Blogging?

This question is what most of the Bloggers ask when starting a Blog. They get worried about whether or not will they be able to make money from through Blog after creating it.

Good news is that not only is it possible but also you can make a living out of it. You just have to be patient and use white-hat SEO in order to avoid being banned by Google when it updates the algorithm.

You can earn more than $100 to $15,000 every month from Blogging. You just to know it right and do it the right way. Since the Internet is flooded with thousands of blogs, writing about the same thing, it is hard to compete them, especially with a newly created blog.

However, it is not impossible. Therefore, when you make up your mind towards making a Blog, make sure that you stand out from the crowd. This does not mean that you can’t talk about what others have already done. What I mean to say is that you have to add more quality to the topic you are writing about.

Extra Tips on Making Money from Blogging

  • Start with the long-tail keywords in order to increase the chances of ranking for a particular keyword in SERPS.
  • Use simple yet unique content, geared towards to Beginners in order have to new visitors to your Blog and turn them into the returning visitors by providing valuable content on a regular basis.
  • Don’t get involved in any type of wrong techniques, such as black-hat and negative SEO, content spinning, keyword stuffing, cloaking, GSA blast, etc., to avoid getting a banhammer from Google.
  • Update your blog regularly to provide your users with up-to-the-minute news on your niche.
  • Find a unique design for your Blog – don’t just install the same thing what other bloggers are using. This does not necessarily mean that you have to hire a developer to turn your blog into a brand.
  • Though you can still make money from a free Blog, it is not what I recommend, not especially if you are planning on making huge money from Blogging. However, if you are getting to understand the basics, you can dive into blogging using a hosted platform like and

Being a Beginner, do you still have any question on “How to Make Money through Blogging for Beginners”? I know that you do, who doesn’t, particularly in the beginning?

We strongly recommend that you start your Blog on a self-hosted platform – You can make use of our step-by-step tutorial on “How to start a Blog on”.

Different Ways to Make Money From Blogging

Making money from Blogging could be the best way for you to live up your website the way you want. However, this doesn’t mean that you will become a billionaire in just one night. It takes time and resources for things to get in the proper line.

If you already have a Blog and making money from it, we’d like you to share what practices you are using so that others who are just starting out can it beneficial for their blogging journey.

Throughout the whole journey, you might see some interruptions. But that is completely okay because everyone goes through it, that’s being persistent is mandatory to continue to become a successful, professional Blogger.

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