How to Make Money Online for Beginners?

Top 26 Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners

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It might sound nasty if you have to invest to earn online, especially for those people who are just getting started and don’t have enough money for the investment. But what about making money online without having to pay anything?

How to Make Money Online for Beginners?

How to Make Money Online for Beginners?

Is it Even Possible?

Yes. And, not only is it possible but also it is 100% reliable and people around the world find it super easy to make money online without paying anything, but they are all consistent in what they do and so should you.

Anyone can earn from $200 to $1000 sitting at home. The good news is that you won’t have to invest anything to do so whatsoever, however, there are certain things you must pay your attention to.

Having read this thorough article, you will be become nobody to a pro with a detailed knowledge of 25 best ways to earn money online and your confidence will be extremely high with an eager to do something – to earn money online.

I’ve broken down different ways into “26 ways” in this all-inclusive guide so that you can get a reliable experience.

Let’s begin with the first one:

1. Make Money Online on YouTube

We all love YouTube just like we love Google. I know that many of you are aware of the fact that YouTube is the second largest Search Engineer after Google. And, who do you think owns YouTube? Well, it is quite certain, isn’t it?

YouTube is owned by Google and since people browse Google to get their questions answered, people also love tutorials. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for someone like you to give YouTube a try.

Earning money with YouTube sitting at home is completely legitimate and may work even very fast if you are completely aware of the ins and outs of the YouTube algorithms (the guidelines).

Now, getting big on YouTube quickly has never been easier, however, you have to provide your users with high-quality content. Set a perfect schedule to fit your users’ needs. Asking them to share, leave a comment, and subscribe is the key to becoming No. 1 on YouTube in a very short span of time.

2. Earn with CPA Marketing

Earning with CPA, which stands for Cost Per Action, could be one of the best ways to earn money online and this one is trending in 2019 because not everyone is aware of it. Though it may look similar when it comes to earning with Affiliate Marketing, it is not.

This is even better because, in Affiliate Marketing, you only get the commission when someone purchases a product through the referral link, whereas, in CPA, you will also get paid only for bringing the user to a specific page like a sign-up page or make them perform a specific action.

And, you will wonder I tell you that you can make from $2,000 to $10,000 every month. You may not be able to earn that amount in the first month, but as you become familiar with the nuts and bolts of it, you will be using it like a pro.

If you are running a niche blog and getting an impressive amount of traffic, chances are you are going to rock it with CPA marketing. The CPA is way easier than the affiliate marketing and we have given you an example above why it is better.

When you start using CPA, the conversation will be beyond your imagination. If you want to increase the conversation, even more, you can start a new blog based on the niche that gives more conversation.

Question is: how much can you earn from CPA marketing? When it comes to monthly earning, you can make money online for free from CPA from $2,000 to $10,000 per month. As far as a single term is considered, you can get paid from $0.10 to $100 based on the type of niche and product you are referring to.

3. Earn money online with Affiliate Marketing

3. Earn money online with Affiliate Marketing

Making money without a job is also imaginable through “Affiliate Marketing”. Perhaps, you have heard this before, haven’t you? Anyone who is willing to earn money online seriously should check out this method which gives 100% guarantee for the income online without having a job or working at some store.

You can become an Affiliate by suggesting products and services to people who are in search of them or looking forward to buying those them. What you do in Affiliate Marketing is that you share a referral link to your customer and if that person buys through your link, you earn some commission.

Making money as an Affiliate is not rocket science. All it takes some basic knowledge and you will be a pro in some days. Just like earning money with Ads requires a minimum threshold to reach the limit, the same limit is found in Affiliate Marketing.

The rates that you receive on each purchase may differ based on the country you are in and different merchants like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Walmart, Jingdong, Alibaba, B2W, Zalando, Snapdeal, Myntra, Paytm, Etsy, Target, and more.

Affiliate Marketing works like a charm for who are earned the trust of their users. Putting differently, if your users have trust in what you do, you are more likely to generate more leads.

So, what are the CPA networks you can start out today with? We’ve compiled a list as shown underneath that will assist you with that:

  • vCommission
  • Peerfly
  • MaxBounty
  • Clickbooth
  • Clinkad
  • CPALead
  • Clickdealer
  • AdCombo

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4. Earn money online with Blogging

Do you possess an extremely perfect sense when it comes to Blogging? If you are a good storyteller, chances are you are going to rock your life by becoming a Professional Blogger.

It may look hard to you in the beginning, as seems to everyone, however, when you emerge, and I know you will, you will get what you deserve in ways you cannot imagine.

Get Emergency Money Online

However, earning money with Blogging may require you to pay for small things like a Domain Name which is registered for a year and you can easily get a .com domain in just $5. You can even skip paying for the hosting in the beginner and try out the best free alternative available – Blogger.

If you use Google’s Blogger (BlogSpot platform), you won’t be required to pay anything. Just your domain name will do everything for you. While you do that, some basic knowledge of SEO will also be essential to learn.

5. Earn money online with Freelancing

5. Earn money online with Freelancing

Among other ways on this list, earning online easily with “Freelancing” comes on top. It is completely free to earn money online on Freelancing websites and safe too. Millions of people are living up their lives by making money on these websites.

We are all talented in some unique way. You just have to find your inner strength and show the world what is capable of. Sign up on any (or all) of the freelancing sites and time to Rock n Roll.

You can become a Freelancer by selling your services on freelancing websites like “Fiverr”, “Upwork”, “Freelancer”, WorkNHire, SEOClerks, etc., by creating gigs and earn money online that you crave for.

No matter if you are good at Graphic Designing, SEO, Content Writing, Website Development, Affiliate Marketing, or you are interested in something else, these freelancing websites gives you great opportunities on a regular basis, provided that you keep track of your clients.

6. Earn money online with Ads

Most of the Entrepreneurs or Webmasters prefer this method that involves the advertisement of a product or service offered by a third party.

So, how does it work?

At very first, you will need to sign up for an Advertisement company, namely Google AdSense,, Infolinks, Propeller Ads, Viglink, etc. Having done that, they will give you the Ads (Ad Units) to place on your Website or Application.

To do that, your website or Application must meet the requirements of the company. For example, if you’re placing AdSense ads on your site, it must be enough, high-quality content, should be a fast-loading site, must not be tricking the users and so on.

AdSense is considered one of the best monetization programs available today. You can get a good CPC, depending upon on the niche you have chosen to write about. If you do everything in line with guidelines, you will be able to make money online for free to make a living.

While signing up, pay heed to the minimum payout (threshold limit) to make sure when you will be paid and how that will happen. There are loads of payment options made available by these advertisement companies. You can get paid via Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, ACH, etc.

7. Make Money Online with Surveys

Ever imagined that you can get paid for doing online surveys? The first very question that comes to mind is – Is it even legitimate doing so? Top companies around the Globe hire those candidates who possess exceptional writing skills to have them write online surveys for their website or product.

This is simply a matter of 5 minutes to 10 minutes, depending on the Survey type and its length. What you need to do is share your personal opinion about the service or product that this survey is about. You can easily earn from $1 to $20 in next to no time.

Based on different countries, there are various websites conducting Online Surveys and ultimately allowing people like you to make money online. This is a good opportunity for those who are good at providing feedback to the company for a service or product purchased.

8. Buy and Sell Domains

8. Buy and Sell Domains

Earning impressive income online with the buying and selling of domains is what most people are doing nowadays. This method is great for those who know the value of the Branding since making a selection on a good (or good looking) domain is what they have to do.

For example, if you think that technology will take on the Internet in upcoming, you can start searching for domain names based on that Technology and finally buy one or more at the cheapest price and then sell it on a higher price later. You will be able to save a good amount through this process.

If you are good at guess or naming brands and have the intelligence of knowing what could be a valuable domain name in the future, the domain auction is the perfect option for you.

In the domain auction, what you do is that you buy a domain (that you believe is going to get everyone’s attention in future) at as cheapest price as possible and put that on auction. Since that domain is now in the auction, so in future, when people search for it, it will be labeled to them as a “Premium.

So, premium domain means more money. When someone buys that domain, you will get more money than ever. However, the domain registrar will have some percentage out of that domain name that was sold to the third party. But, still, it will help you rock your day.

9. Sell Products on E-commerce Sites

So, what things can you sell to make money online for free from home in order to make quick cash?

Become an online seller could also give you the advantage of earning money the easy way. You just have to be familiar with different discounting rates. This will be required when dealing with the wholesalers and distributors from whom you will get getting the products at a highly discounted price.

Getting products, you can list them online for sale on different e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Myntra, Jabong, Shopclues, Snapdeal, etc. Not only will you be able to earn but also you can make your product stand out from the crowd.

For this to work perfectly and quickly and if you want to no. 1 comparing the competition, you may have to sell your at a low price so that you can get the attention of the buyers easily.

10. Sell on Flipping Websites

Are you running a successful Website or an App? Not sure whether or not it will be in a good run in the future? If your website is receiving amazing traffic on a daily or monthly basis and you’re concerned about its rankings in future, it is time to flip it to avoid yourself running into problems.

Here, the meaning of flip is to buy and sell your Websites, Domains, Apps or something else akin to that in order to make a quick profit. What you have to do is list your Website or Domain that you think will catch the buyers’ eye in next to no time and wait for the bids. You can set your own bidding limit so that the buyer has to buy it in the same price or more, but not less.

There are many websites for flipping your websites, namely Flippa, Trademysite, SEDO, etc. If you need a long list, please let us know and we can recommend you more of them.

11. Do Micro-Jobs on Websites

11. Do Micro-Jobs on Websites

Unlike freelancing websites which require you to dive into an in-depth work of what you do, micro-jobs will merely require you to do simple tasks like translating an article, categorizing the tone of an article, rating search results, proofreading an article or piece of paper (like finding grammatical mistakes and correcting them).

Earning money online from these micro-jobs does not require you to be at a specific place – you can do this from anywhere and anytime – all you need a good computer and a high-speed internet connection.

It could be a great opportunity for you to try out some websites providing you with Micro-Jobs. By doing Micro-Jobs, you will be able to earn an impressive salary without having to spend anything. All it will take will be your skills and some time.

12. Become a Graphic Designer

Have you been giving your designing some of your precious time lately? If you have, this means you are a design lover, aren’t you? So, if you love graphics and using innovative ideas while doing experiments with them, you can join the communities where Graphic Designers from around the world share their ideas and eventually become one.

We believe you can make terrify designs using your own imagination and that is what is going to keep you unique in your own style. There are tons of freeware and premium graphics designing software like Stencil, Adobe Illustrator, Visme, and Venngage that you can use to get started.

If you cannot afford to buy premium ones, I suggest that you get the freeware and as you become a professional in what you do, you can buy the best pro tools for taking your graphic designing to the next level.

But where will you get the work for Graphic Designing? Well, you can either start with the local companies in your area or you can sell your services on freelancing websites as we have mentioned in the fourth step.

13. Teach English (or Other Languages)

Do you have all of the ins and outs of English? Have a feeling that you are going nail it if you teach it to someone in need? If that is what you are feeling, it is time to let your freak flag fly.

Not just English (the UK or US version), you can also teach other languages like you could tell people how they can easily learn Chinese, Hindi, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Bengali, Marathi, Turkish, Urdu, Persian, Indonesian, Odia, Dutch, Punjabi, Mandarin and more.

You just have to find out which language you are good at and you are good to go, teaching the world by sharing your experience with them and letting them have a good day. You can easily earn more than $25 per hour depending on the type of language you are teaching.

14. Earn via Guest Posting

14. Earn via Guest Posting

If you are an expert of your niche, people will love reaching out to you on a regular basis to help their business or niche grow faster. If you are running a successful website or something, you can use it for promotional purposes as well and this is a great deal.

You can easily get paid from $100 to $1000 depending on the length and type of the article you will be publishing on your blog for your client. What you will highly likely to do here is add one do-follow link or two on your website. This will come with the article sent to you by the client.

In SEO perspective, that link will pass the link juice to the linking website and will help your client’s website rank higher in SERPS. But, there is nothing wrong that you will face with your website’s rankings and it is 100% safe.

Just like inviting people to guest post on your website, you can also do the same by publishing your post on top websites like Huffington Post, Inc., Forbes and many more. If your article is well-researched and meets all guidelines of the guest posting service, you are likely to get your article featured on the site within 24 hours.

15. Do Data Entry for Companies

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, haven’t you? What you simply need to do is enter the given data in the same formatting as required. There are loads of online Data-Entry jobs through which you can earn good and easy money without having to stress your mind for it, unlike other jobs.

Where can I get a data-entry job? Well, you can look up the jobs for Data Entry to earn money online you deserve using UpWork, Indeed, Freelancer, Craigslist, Fiverr and others. They will provide you with the data and tell you how you will be everything.

Furthermore, a tool (software) might be provided to you for this purpose. Make sure you enter all of the required data within the given time span or you will be missing out on your pays.

16. Earn via Journalism

It is not mandatory unless in certain cases, to have a degree in Journalism to become a Journalist. You have to follow some file points to get there. If you think you are good at writing, you can also join the writing department by becoming a writer in the journalism industry.

This industry has a high demand for journalists who are witty and good at speaking or writing. On top of becoming a writer, you can also become a speaker. If you want to have a next-level experience in this field, I suggest that you do a diploma course from a renowned university or institution.

Becoming a journalist requires top-notch communication skills. Therefore, polishing your verbal communication abilities is highly mandatory before you dive into this field.

Furthermore, what is important is that you must be an avid reader and researcher as you will be spending lots of time researching different aspects of the topic you have chosen.

17. Become a Video Editor

Become a Video Editor

Do you want people to say “Nailed it!” when they see videos edited by you? If that is what you wish, only you can make it come true. If you think that you are into video editing, it is a great option to try out today, taking the high demand for the editors into consideration.

There is no doubt that competition is stiff. What I say is that it will always be like that. However, what you can do to outrank your competitor is more creative and nail it ultimately. In the beginning, you may use freeware to be familiar with the working of the tools.

But as the time continues, you will definitely be in need of buying a pro tool because if you don’t do that, you will not be able to make use of your innovation and that is what matters most, doesn’t it?

So, think about it. If you make it there, you can easily sell your talent on different freelancing websites where people love to buy stuff like Intros and Outros for their YouTube channels. That’s where you will be standing out from the crowd.

18. Earn from Stock Trading

Trading is what most of the people are into nowadays and they are even making $100 to $4400 in just 10 to 30 minutes. You will be required to invest in the stock market for this to work. But, it is not necessary to invest $100 or more than that. You can even start it by investing as low as $1 which is a very short amount – yes, you can buy low.

There are tons of articles you can find on the Internet about how Stock trading works so that you can get to understand when you have to buy and when to sell stocks. However, this will require extensive knowledge of the Market. So, if you are comfortable with that, this is for you.

To be up-to-the-minute, you will be meant to read newspapers to keep yourself informed on the latest trends in Finance, Stock Market, Economy, and other business-related news.

19. Earn Money Online from Smartphone

Don’t have a laptop to earn money online? Why trouble yourself when you easily make money online for free from your Smartphone and become rich very quickly. There are hundreds of apps that allow you to make $200 to $1000 every day. The tasks or responsibilities handled to you will be stress-free and you will find it very exciting when you spend some time with that.

Nevertheless, we suggest that you read out the guidelines, privacy policy and terms and conditions of the app you will be using to make money online from your Mobile. This is because there are some fake websites that promise you to help you earn money online. But that the fact is that they don’t.

But if the company asks you to write reviews and do some surveys, it could be legitimate and this could be one of the best ways to earn money online from a smartphone for free. All you need a computer a working internet connection.

20. Sell on Quikr & Olx

Whether you have the furniture, bike, mobile, or anything that you would like to sell after using, you can do so on websites like Quikr and Olx. You will be required to add a Title to the product you’re selling, a short description defining it, and the price range that you will be expecting.

On adding add on the site, you will receive an SMS or Call from your buyer that might be interested in the product you are trying to sell. Once the buyer shows interest in the product, you can start the negotiation by meeting that person in person.

If you are not sure how this works, our suggestion is that take a look at the recently created ads and see what they look like and how you can look better than them.

21. Get Paid for Surfing the Web

Get Paid for Surfing the Web

Unlike Google, there are many Search Engines that pay users surfing their website for the queries they have in mind. They do so in order to get higher internet rankings. You can start with the websites like shown on the list below. But make sure of the payments they will pay on so that you don’t regret choosing them later.

What makes them different is that they tell you to use your favorite search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you just have to install an add-on (extension) on your browser. When you conduct a search on your search engine, you will be shown some sponsored ads which will happen alongside your search.

What are the other websites that pay when you search online?

  • Bing Rewards
  • Swagbucks
  • Inbox Dollars
  • ScreenWise
  • SendEarning
  • ZoomBucks
  • Scour
  • Irazoo

Didn’t get the enough of the list? Perhaps, you would like to let your favorite search engine return the results for you in this regard to help you know better.

22. Get Paid for Watching the Videos

What? Can I really get paid for watching the videos? You don’t only get paid for taking surveys but also for watching and the good news is that you can join the single company for both of the profits. It is known as “Swagbucks” and will pay you money for watching the videos.

Why join it?

Well, Swagbucks will give you a $10 bonus if you sign up for them. Another great thing about them is that you can watch the videos for earning money on any platform you like, be it your laptop, mobile, tablet or palmtop.

There is a wide range of the categories of the videos you can watch – from entertainment to sports. We know that you won’t get billionaire in one night using this method. But it is worth doing because we all watch videos but we don’t earn anything at that time.

23. Make Money Online as a Virtual Assistant

We know that writing and proofreading are not made for everyone. That’s where the role of Virtual Assistant comes in. There could be businesses looking for Virtual Assistants to get things done like answering emails, managing social media accounts, booking travels (flights, trains, buses), and more.

An average Virtual Assistant earns around $50 per hour. Study shows that in the past three years, there has been a huge demand for VAs. There has been an increment of 95% in the demand for the Vas these years. The good news is that you don’t have to do just one thing being a Virtual Assistant. There are more than 150 categories you can choose to become a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Being a VA is something you can try, especially when this is something that will not make you feel bored as there are more than 150 types of work you will get to do.

24. Become a Web Designer

Become a Web Designer

Do you have a knack for computers or are you fond of using the Internet? If you got both of the questions right, you can become a Web Designer and earn the money you crave for. A good Website Designer can easily earn up to $1000 to $10,000 depending on the offer and the technology used in the website making.

Some designers even get paid over $5,000 for their exceptional work. A good designer keeps all aspects in mind branding of the website, loading speed, etc.

But how can you learn if you are a newbie? Well, there are tons of websites teaching you how to learn web designing. We suggest you learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP because learning these languages is core and without them, you cannot make a perfect website.

Furthermore, to master your skills, you will be required to use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, as these tools will give you the proficiency you are on the lookout for and help you get peace of mind.

25. Earn money online by Selling Apps

In this day and age, every business has an App. People use it because it is an important part of branding. Whether it is banking, gaming, or entertainment, you will easily find an app for everything in play store. The best thing about creating Applications is that you don’t have to invest anything and you can earn dollars without paying anything.

If you are very good at creating Apps for Operating Systems like Android, iOS, and Windows, you can earn a good amount of money. You have to be very good at your coding skills because this will set you apart from others and will highly likely give you more exposure than your competitors.

If coding is not your cup of tea, you can use free apps to make other applications and eventually make money online for free from them. So, what are those applications using which you can earn money online?

Here you go:

  • Nielsen app
  • Pinecone Research
  • MyPoints
  • Ibotta

26. Make Money by selling eBooks

26. Make Money by selling eBooks

Another trend that people are nowadays crazy for is creating eBooks and then selling them out on e-Commerce websites like Amazon, Alibaba, and more. No matter the category, people can buy books from these websites at the cheapest price available.

They can even steal the deal when these eBooks are sold on sale. So, can you really become a writer without paying anything? Yes, it is like that unless you hire a writer to do that work for you. When you are selling your eBook based on fiction, love story, career development, or recipe, it will be a child’s play.

Though there are dozens of websites that allow you to sell your eBooks online, we recommend that you use “Amazon” for it is the best platform for buying and selling eBooks online and therefore books sold on Amazon get customers’ attention first.

Will it cost me to publish the book?

No. There is not a single penny you will have to pay for publishing your eBook online as most of the websites do not ask you for that. You can use Amazon’s Kindle publishing tools to get started today and publish your eBook for free and start earning dollars as your books are purchased by the interested buyers.

Bottom Line:

Irrespective of which one you find fascinating out of these ways, we believe all of the best 26 ways that we have shared with you work like a charm. These ways work 100% and there is no scam that you will get involved in. You just need to understand which way you find yourself more interested in.

Our recommendation is that you sign up for more than one and see which one gets you more dollars. People are easily earning more than $5,000 using these methods and they are fully satisfied because who want even more. You? Well, this does not stop at $5,000, you can make even more money, just figure out which one is more captivating.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin today and start earning dollars using legitimate ways without getting into trouble. If you have any question that you would like to ask us, feel free to do that and we will love you resolve any issue that you have in mind regarding How to Earn Money Online.

Edward Eugen is a 24-year-old Blogger from Romania. He is a cisco certified Network Engineer and currently doing Masters in Networks Security from the Spiru Haret University