Make Money Playing PUBG

How to Make Money Playing PUBG? 5 Ways To Get Paid for PUBG

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It’d be very hard to find a person who doesn’t like gaming. Are you a game lover? If you are, you would have heard about “PUBG”, and not just heard, you would play it a thousand times because it is one of the games that are trending even today. It is so good that it is too hard for the players to resist the temptation of playing it, and they don’t even care about the Internet pack, they just keep on playing it again and again, no matter the time. So here is the detail of how to make money playing video games Like PUBG.

How to Make Money Playing PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which is abbreviated as “PUBG”, took the internet when it was launched and people got introduced to it. Even today, no other game can compete with it and there are many reasons why it is one of the best games out there today and that have impacted the lives of the game lovers, in addition to the fact that it is having more than 100+ million active users.

How to make Make Money Playing PUBG 2019

What’s new?

A new 4v4 mode has been added.

PUGB (offered by Tencent Games) gets a 4.5 rating based on 18 million reviews and has been rated for 16+. Irrespective of its size, which is 2.0 GB (which is quite larger), players install it on their smartphones without a second. No wonder it has been labeled as “Editor’s Choice” which is not an easy thing to be rewarded with.

PUBG has been rewarded with the “Golden Joystick Awards” aka mobile game of the year and also GooglePlay awards so this is the Interesting way to Make Money Playing PUBG.

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Making Money Playing PUBG

There’s no denying that playing PUBG entertains you nothing no other games, but can you believe that you can actually make money playing PUBG?

What if we tell you that you can even earn money from playing PUBG, will you not play it even more to stand an opportunity to earn money with PUBG?

I know you will nod your head!

Let’s get to know all ways through which you can easily make money out of the battleground you join:

1. Sell in-game Items

The first way to make money out of PUBG is by selling your in-game items. When you play PUBG, you are rewarded with the Battle Points (BP) which can be utilized to buy crates and get paid to play video games at home for free.

Once bought, you can decide what you will do with that – you can either keep them or sell on the websites that will allow you to do so. You can make use of websites like “Skins.Cash”, “G2G”, “BitSkins”,  Gameflip, etc.

2. Playing Tournaments

If you love playing tournaments, you can also make money there. If you have never played online tournaments, you should first be familiar with them so as to increase the chances of winning. Whether you play as an individual or in a squad format, you can get reward with the cash prizes if you make it.

The “Toornament”, “GamerzArena”, “FACEIT”, and “Battlefy” are some online platforms that provide the players with a golden opportunity to be awarded the prizes being the last man (woman) standing in the game. Furthermore, you can join the LAN parties to get the most out of the online earning (Make Money Playing PUBG) with tournaments.

3. Earn with Betting

If you have made yourself familiar with all of the ins and outs of the online tournaments of PUBG, odds are you will likely to know the next moves of the opponents playing the tournaments.

If you know what is about to happen based on the current events, you can make money with PUBG by betting on tournaments and we believe that you are going to nail that, especially when you have mastered the tournaments.

4. Sell your PUBG account

Unlike other games, you can also sell your PUBG account to make money out of it. It will, however, take some time because it will require you to ace the game.

You can sell your game account with all you have in that, including skins, Battle Points (BP), and get the highest money possible based on the bindings made by the bidders out there craving to buy your account.

5. Upload on YouTube

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money with PUBG today and most of the people who are good at playing PUBG are making money through this technique around the world.

The reason why this technique could give you more money is that not only will you be making money through but also you can earn money through AdSense or Affiliate Marketing while you promote your videos about PUBG on YouTube (YT) or other platforms like Twitch.

Finding sponsors can work better than you could ever imagine because it is you, being the crazy good at what you do – i.e., play PUBG like nobody else.

Once you find sponsors or they find you, all you will be doing is promoting their product. While you do this, you have to be real and make sure that you don’t try to trick your followers as you have to gain their trust not lose it. You can use agencies like FameBit.

Summing Up!

You can also do live streaming, host podcasts every once in a while, or if you are good at programmer i.e. you are a great programmer, you can find bugs in the game and tell the developer that there is something that needs to be fixed, you can earn more money with PUBG than you can imagine and get paid to play games.

That’s it, guys! One of the best 5 ways that work today to make money Playing PUBG like a pro. But if you are a beginner, you may have to spend some time playing it so as to know the nuts and bolts of it because that is really necessary to be a hardcore player.

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