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6 Easy Ways to Make Money with Facebook (New & Updated)

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Would you be amazed if I tell that there are more than 2.38 monthly active users? Yes, that’s so good to be true. It is no wonder that people nowadays spend more than on Facebook than watching television.

Before I begin, let me ask you a question…

What was the last time you logged in to Facebook?

Was it a couple of minutes ago?

Make Money with Facebook

I know you did because it is too hard to resist the temptation of being mindful of all notifications that you pushed to you every time there is something news on Facebook.

I don’t know whether Mark would have thought that he would be able to turn that ‘Facemash’ into ‘Facebook’ and change the whole world with a simple yet challenging idea.

What I believe is that you can use these 6 smart ways to make money with Facebook and not just you but anyone with some intelligence can do that.

make money with facebook

1. Write a Post on Facebook

This is the simplest way to promote or sell your service on Facebook is to write a post. If you want to increase the CTR, add the image of the product as well. To have direct engagement, you can also tag your friends and ask them to share your post with their friends.

The more a post gets shared, the more views it will gain and the more views it gains, the more people get to know about what you are selling which will increase your sales if they are interested in the product you are selling on Facebook.

2. Join Local Facebook Groups

If you think that you are unable to have people’s attention because you don’t many followers on your friends’ list, you can join some local buy and sell groups on Facebook.

There are many options you are given before your post goes live in a group. During the joining group, you might be asked to answer a couple of questions. These questions are asked to verify that you are a human and also to know the reason why you are joining the group. Upon answer them, if the admin of the group thinks that you are the right person to let in, you are let in, otherwise, you aren’t.

The best advice is that you should read the guidelines of the group and be line with every single of them. You cannot go against the grain of the rules of the group or you won’t be allowed to post anything there.

Is there no local group?

If there is no group to buy or sell items in your area, you can consider creating one on your own.

3. Sell on Facebook Marketplace

This is an advanced style of selling or buying items or products in your local area. Not everyone is aware of it as much as they are aware of the ‘Facebook Group’.

All of the features that you use in the Marketplace are completely free and if you are on the lookout for the best recommendation for the items to purchase or put on sale in your local area, the Facebook Marketplace is the best choice to consider now.

Facebook Marketplace

4. Create a Facebook Page

If you are running a successful business or looking forward to running one in the future, now is the time to consider creating an FB page. We know that in this century, branding of a business is one of the highly required things to make sure that you will be running the business as smoothly as possible.

making money from Facebook page

Creating a Facebook page and making money from it is super easy. Just follow the simple instructions you are instructed during the creation of the page. You will have to choose the category of the page you are creating, upload the profile photo, cover image, and select a custom username and URL for the page.

Create a page here

5. Use Facebook Messenger

Another constructive strategy that will work for you if use Facebook Messenger to earn money on Facebook. However, in this area, you might be required to be personally known to the person you are interacting with. But this also increases the chances of being completely aware of the product for the customer as a direct communication takes place here.

The rule of thumb is that you should establish the relationship first because that’s how you are going to allow the customer to have more trust in you. Before jumping to the main point, you should first ask about the customer how they are dong. This will help you build a better relationship with the customer.

6. Create Facebook Ads

There are more than 1.6 billion people connected to a small business on Facebook. No matter the business type, you can run the Facebook Ads and target your customers or fans in next to no time. You don’t even need to hire anyone to do this for you – you can do it all yourself.

Create Facebook Ads

If you want to make it look more advanced for your advanced customers who have been engaging with your posts on your brand page, you can also bring them to your website by making use of the Facebook Instant Article Ads which will increase your overall sales by converting your visitors into sales.

Create Instant Article Ads

What do I need to Make Money with Facebook?

Are these six the only ways through which we can earn money on Facebook (FB)? No. There are other ways that can be utilized to make the most of the ‘Make-money on Facebook’.

For all these ways to work perfectly, everything needs to be done in a systematic order because that’s how you will be gaining more attention from the customers.

When you post on your Facebook, people should be engaging with the content. If you have a huge list of followers and you are posting exactly what your audience wants but they aren’t interested in that, it is obvious that you are it in the wrong way.

Therefore, don’t just publish your posts, also ask questions to your customers regarding the product they will be buying. Another trick that works perfectly is the use of elegant images. Make sure you are using the right color tones and the perfect font in the text.

Being persist in another thing that can skyrocket the engagement in your Facebook posts. In addition to that, be simple because you don’t your customers to come unglued.

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Is there any question roaming in your mind regarding these “6 Smart Ways to Make Money with Facebook”? If yes, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be answering all of your questions to make your day. If you are not interested in earning money with Facebook anymore, perhaps you would like to give Twitter a try.

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