How to Make Money with Social Media? Earn $100/ Day

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No wonder that the Internet has more than 4.4 billion users, according to a study done in May 2019 and more than 3.4 billion users are active on social media.

What if I tell you that the average daily time that those people spend on social media is 142 minutes? Wouldn’t you be surprised? I know you would because it is something that is hard to grasp.

Every 6.4 second, a new social media account is created. Among other ways to earn money online, what if you could make money with social media?

Wouldn’t you give it a try?

How to Make Money with Social Media?

Whether it is Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter, it is true that you can make money on social media platforms, though you have to do it systematically.

Put differently, you could make a decision based on the highest number of active users on the platform or you can decide based on the time that it will take to master this art.

Some people start with YouTube, however, there are some people, who, on the contrary, go with Facebook. But, that’s a different story, what we are here for is the strategies you can use to make money with social media.

1. Earn with Affiliate Marketing

Promoting products on social media is one of the best and easiest ways used by most of the Bloggers, Influencers, and Entrepreneurs today. This could be a golden opportunity for someone like you, especially, if you are very good at doing promotion and you’ve got that tone required in promoting a product or service.

Have you been in a group on FB lately? Did someone referred you a product link and bought that product?

Well, if you did, that person (who referred you the product) would earn the commission out of that product. This is how the Affiliate Marketing (AM) works.

shareasale Affiliate marketing

What you do is promote someone’s (company, also known as “Merchant”) via a link called “Referral link” and if someone buys using your referral link, you, as an Affiliate, get to earn some money with Social Media.

Although there are loads of Affiliate Marketing programs you can find on the Internet today, our recommendation is that you start with the “Amazon Associates” because it is easy and available in almost every country.

2. Create your own Products

If you have a big reputation on the social media platforms, no matter which, you can make use of the second way which is to create your own product and then promote it to get the maximum profit imaginable which means you will get paid to review products.

This will require you to be master the skill, something that you’ve been doing for a long time because that’s the only way you could get to know the ins and outs of it.

What about creating an audio course, video program or an eBook? Yes, you can create your own eBook and promote it to your clients who are interested in buying it.

To get started, you can use platforms like “Amazon’s KDP”, “Selly”, “Gumroad”, or you would like to use “Pressbooks”, “Google Docs”, “PublishXpress”, and if you have no expertise in using these tools, you can start your journey with the MS Word, that, I believe is installed on your computer, isn’t it?

Once you’ve published your eBook, the next step is to make sure that your reader gets to purchase it knowing where you are selling it. Reach out to the customers that you believe are likely to buy your eBook or video course through the social medial. Udemy is also a good platform, to begin with.

3. Become an Influencer

If you have a good fan following on social media, you can take advantage of that by becoming an Influencer.

As the name suggests, an influencer is a person who influences people with their life goals. If you believe this is what that you are good at, it is never too late to become one and start earning money.

Become an Influencer

There are many ways through which an influencer can make money like:

  • You can promote your own digital products
  • Start with podcasting by turning interested people into money
  • Just like podcasting, you can also host webinars as an option in this area
  • If none of the above suits your needs, perhaps, it is time to become a brand ambassadors
  • Promote someone else’s product

Apart from what I just mentioned above, there are other ways that you can try in order to make money with Social Media as an Influencer.

4. Promote Handiworks

If you are running a business of handicrafts or handiworks, you can showcase them on your social media profile, such as Instagram or Facebook or Twitter.

Create a brand page on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to get the attention of the interested buyers because people like to spend more time on social media that on television, and we all know that.

You cannot promote anything on G+ since Google had to shut it down due to some issue they faced during the maintenance of the product. But, this doesn’t mean you cannot do that on other platforms.

Create your brand pages on other platforms like FB or Instagram or Twitter and make the most out of it.

5. Promote your Coaching

If you have a coaching center, you can do the promotion of it on social media and increase the number of leads. The more people you attract through your social media account, the more leads you are going to generate which, in return, will give you more revenue ultimately.

And, even for the hiring purpose or gauging the skills of the candidate, you can conduct interviews on Skype and get to know the person before hiring them. The same can be done with consulting.

It’s not all. You can also become a Teacher to teach languages to those who are looking forward to being taught by you. Why? Well, because you are an expert, and most importantly, you are a native speaker.

This is not a complete list – there are other ways that you can utilize to make the most out of the money-making via social media – that’s what you can easily find out using our “make money online” section of this blog.

Final Word!

What other ways do you think are there that work? Have you used any of these ways to make money with social media? I’d love to hear what strategies you are using to make money from social media. This would also help our readers to know what they do to make money out of it.

Edward Eugen is a 24-year-old Blogger from Romania. He is a cisco certified Network Engineer and currently doing Masters in Networks Security from the Spiru Haret University