7 Innovative Ways to Make Money with Twitter- Easy Guide

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No wonder there are hundreds of ways that can make you rich in months (if not overnight), however, make money with Twitter is something that not everyone knows about. But, on the flip side, the results of earnings made through Twitter will leave you amazed because the results are worth having everyone’s attention.

Make Money with Twitter

What it takes to be there is your creativity. Well, the determination is always there because if you aren’t determined to do something, you will fail to achieve what you wish.

But if you do it with the proper direction, there is nothing that will stand in your way as a hindrance.

So, let’s begin:

make money with twitter

1. Sell Sponsored Tweets

Coming at the top of the list is the use of sponsored tweets that come into play when you have a tweeter account with the substantial authority. You cannot underestimate this way, not especially if you are a celebrity or anybody with a substantial amount of followers on your Twitter account. Following a study, we found out that Kim Kardashian makes around $10,000 per sponsored tweet.

2. Sell your Profile

Once your profile has gained an imperative authority, people will be interested in buying it with an intention to promote their services, whatever they. This could be either be done temporarily or permanently. Momentarily, your profile will be used by a third-party.

While you do this temporarily, make sure that the third party doesn’t use it for another way than what is promised in an agreement or something. If the temporal way is not your cup of tea, you can sell your Twitter account to a company permanently for good.

3. Indirect Advertisement

If above-mentioned ways do not ring the bell, you can take advantage of ‘Indirect Advertising’ in this area.

Unlike direct advertising, the ‘direct advertising is about being an ‘unofficial’ endorser of a product. This could involve a formal discussion with your followers about the good points of the product like the pros and cons of using it. This is like you are making recommendations to your followers and leaving the final decision to them.

4. URL Shorteners

If you’ve been relying on make-money-online, we cannot take it for granted that you’ve never used “URL” Shorteners in your life.

Did you not use them?

I know you were kidding.

Well, even if are new to this, I suggest you read about URL shortening.

According to the definition, a URL shortener shortens a URL so that it looks good to the visitor or person clicking on it.

working of the URL Shorteners

For example, www.amazon.com can be shortened as www.amzn.to.

Now, the working of the URL Shorteners usually differ from each other and that’s where the real game begins.

Some shorteners instantly direct you to the destination, whereas, others take some time and load their page where the ads are shown. Then they ask you to do a human verification.

So, this is how a URL shortener works and you can one use for your tweets to make money from Twitter by sharing a link on your timeline and asking your followers to click on the link.

5. Affiliate Marketing

I take that it is almost impossible to not talk about affiliate marketing. You will find it everything on the list of top ways through which you can earn money online.

Question is: is it different this time i.e. does it work differently with Twitter or tweets?

No. Not at all. However, it is your mind that decides how creative you can become and nail it.

Let’s you are a doctor and you have loads of followers on Twitter. So, what are you going to do about it? Well, you have to make the most out of them.

But how to Make Money with Twitter?

You will need to suggest your patient the good medicines with a link and since they trust you, they won’t think a second and will purchase that medicine or product that you referred to them without knowing that the link was an affiliate link.

It may not matter to them, but this is what you have to think about, especially when you can easily make hundreds of dollars on the purchase of some products you preferred.

6. Hold a Contest

Another quite fascinating and effective way is running a contest that will allow you to receive the valuable feedback of the customers or followers you have.

If you are popular on Twitter, chances are that you could be employed by an advertiser to run a contest or poll which will help you analyze something specific.

For this task, you could also be hired temporarily by someone, and this is likely to happen if you are sharing a mutual interest with them. Suppose if you are social media examiner, you are likely to be hired by a digital marketer to hold a contest through your Twitter account.

7. Write Reviews

This strategy does not only work with Twitter but also any other platform like Facebook. What you have to do is write a review about something you know about better than others.

Yes, you have to have good knowledge of the product or service you review because that’s how you will be able to yield a constructive output which will attract your followers even more.

It may seem hard in the beginning, but as you spend time reviewing products, you will have mastered this art and by doing this, you will be able to catch the eye of more and more advertisers or promoters because a promoter also sees the previous reviews done by you.

Bonus Tip:

To avail yourself of the 7 innovative ways to make money with Twitter that we have shared with you above, you may need some tool. That’s why I’d like to have your attention to some of the free tools that are worth using.

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